Cranksmith believes the best love for your bicycle is regular preventative maintanance service that improves the performance and safety of your bike.  Let's face it...bikes are expensive investments...and regularly scheduled maintenance will help to improve the life of each component of your investment and ensure it rides at it's peak mechanical ability for longer.

10-point Safety Check (Single Speed/Fixie Tune-up) - $55


A great service to perform on single speed, fixies, kid's bikes, or bikes that have been in storage and includes a 10-point safety check. The service ensures everything is tight, brakes are fully functional, chain is lubricated, and headset and hub bearings are not loose and it's safe to ride. Drive train adjustments are only performed to ensure the chain will function and remain on the bike. Add lateral wheel truing for $15.

  • 10-point Safety Check

  • Align and Adjustment Brakes and Check Pad/Rotor Condition

  • Adjust Derailleurs for Proper Shifting

  • Adjust All Bearings and Check Shock/Fork PSI

  • Lubricate Drive Train Components

  • True Wheels Laterally and Inflate Tires to Recommended PSI

  • Wipe down the frame and wheels



  • The Basic Necessities Tune-up Service Package

  • Complete Drive Train Cleaning/Degreasing

  • Thorough Cleaning of Frame and Wheels

  • Remove Seat Post, Clean and Grease or Add Friction Paste

  • Remove Pedals, Clean and Grease


The Complete Reconditioning is a major overhaul package. The bike frame is completely stripped of components which are degreased, cleaned, replaced and properly adjusted.  New sets of Jagwire brake and shift cables and black housing are replaced.  All bearings are cleaned, inspected for wear, and lubricated.  Lastly, the frame is hand washed and waxed. The service is extensive and takes several hours to complete. Installation (labor) of new bar tape/grips or any new part or component is included.  Cost of new parts/components are separate.


This package includes:


  • Wheels trued laterally, radially, centered, tensioned, and tension balanced

  • Spokes and rims cleaned

  • Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and fresh grease added

  • Tires inspected and inflated to recommended psi

  • Wheels installed in proper alignment and security

  • Bottom bracket disassembled, cleaned, inspected, fresh grease added, adjusted and secured

  • Headset externally inspected, disassembled, cleaned, fresh grease added, adjusted and secured

  • Pedals disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and fresh grease added

  • Crankarms and chainring removed and cleaned

  • Chrankarms, chainring bolts, and pedals secured

  • Cassette removed, cleaned, inspected and lubed

  • Chain removed, cleaned, inspected and lubed

  • Front derailleur removed and cleaned

  • Position the front derailleur and lube the pivots

  • Adjust the front derailleur limit screws

  • Check and align the rear derailleur hanger

  • Rear derailleur removed, disassembled, cleaned and lubed

  • Lube the rear derailleur pivots, threads, and jockey wheels

  • Adjust the rear derailleur limit screws and position screw

  • Disassemble and clean, install, position, lube, and secure the shift levers

  • Remove and install new shifter and brake cable systems

  • Brake calipers removed, disassembled, and cleaned

  • Brake caliper lubing, pivot adjustments, and securing

  • Brake pad alignment including height, parallel, and toe

  • Adjust brake pad centering over rim or rotor

  • Seatpost removed, seatube cleaned/lubricated

  • Handlebar and stem removed, and binder bolts removed and lubricated

  • Handlebar, stem, seat and seat post inspected for damage, aligned, lubricated and secured

  • Frame and fork thoroughly cleaned inspected for damage

  • Accessories checked for safe installation

  • Hand wash and wax frame

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