Individual Component Rebuilds:
Front Hub - $40
Rear Hub -$50
Headset - $45
Bottom Bracket - $60 

Shifter Lever Cleaning (Degunking of old grease and relubricaion) - $50  

Hydraulic Brake Caliper/Piston - $70 (includes brake bleed with new fluid and piston seal kit)

Individual Component Adjustments:
Brake - $10 to $15

Brake Bleed - $30 per brake

Clean and Resurface Disc Brake Pads/Realign Rotor - $25 per brake
Front Derailleur - $20 (includes checking height and rotational alignment)

Rear Derailleur - $25 (includes checking dropout and hanger alignment) 
Bottom Bracket - $20
Headset - $20
Hub - $20

New Tire Replacement - $15 each.  No charge to install if purchasing new tube.

Wheel True - $15 (lateral only) $25 (lateral and radial only) $35 (lateral, radial, and dished)
Replace Spoke - $30 minimum
Fix Flat (patch tube) - $25

Fix Flat (new tube) - $20

Refresh Tubeless Tires with new Stan's Sealant - $30

Convert Tires to Tubeless (includes new Stan's Valve Stems, Stan's Rim Tape, and Sealant) - $60

Convert Tires to Tubeless (includes new Stan's Rim Strips and Sealant) - $80 

Custom Wheel Build - $75 per wheel (laced in any pattern, proper spoke prep and nipple lube, tension accurately set, and final truing included after initial few rides)


Frame Work:
Fork Alignment - $30 to $50
Frame Rear Dropout Alignments - $20

Derailleur Hanger Alignment - $15

Accessories Installation (computers, lights, grips/bar tape, reflectors, pedals, kickstand, etc.) - $5 to $35

Bottom Bracket - $30 to $50 
Brake Caliper - $20
Brake Hose Line - $25 ($45/set)

Brake Lever - $20
Brake Pads  - $15/set
Brake Rotor - $20

Brake System (complete system) - $60 to $80

Cable/Housing - $30/set
Cassette - $20
Chain Sizing and Installation - $20
Chainring - $15 each
Crankset - $20
Child Carrier - $30
Derailleur (Front or Rear) - $20

Derailleur Hanger - $20  Straightening is also $20
Fenders - $20 to $30
Fork - $80 (includes removal/installation of stem and brake caliper plus final brake adjustment)
Handlebar (reinstallation of grips/tape not included) - $30
Headset - $120 (includes removal/installation of stem and fork plus final brake adjustment)
Saddle/Seat Post - $15

Shifter Lever w/cable and housing - $20

Stem - $20

Quil Stem - $25



Cable/Housing Replacement - $30/set (Standard Black)  $60/set (Colored)   

Recabling enhances your bike's performance and overall ease of shifting.  If you ride a mountain bike at times in wet and/or muddy conditions, you should consider recabling your bike every other season at minimum. This service includes removal of old and installation of a new set (2) of shifter or mechanical brake cables and housing.  Quality stainless steel cables and black Jagwire housing are used to replace the old.  Add uniqueness to your ride with color! Popular color housing options include red, white, blue, yellow, grey, lime green, orange, silver, and bronze. 

Single speed shifter cable/housing are $15. 



The Comprehensive Brake Service addresses either a rim brake or disc brake system depending on components.  This service includes new Jagwire cables/housing and brake pads for mechanical brakes or new pads and fluid for hydraulic brakes.  New hydraulic hose and rotors are an additional charge.  When installing new disc brake pads and new rotors they will be properly bedded together according to manufacturer's suggested methodologies. 


Mechanical Disc/Rim Brake Package ($75 and up depending on type of brake pads)


  • Hub adjustments (if loose)

  • Lateral wheel truing

  • Brake lever lubrication, alignment, and securing

  • Brake caliper lubing, pivot adjustments, and securing

  • Pad installation and alignment including height, parallel, and toe

  • Cable installation and service including sizing and finish housing and lubrication of inner wires

  • Stress and adjust cables for correct pad clearance

  • True and align brake rotors and adjust calipers

  • Adjust pad centering


Hydraulic Disc Brake Package ($75 and up depending on type of brake pads)


  • Hub adjustments (if loose)

  • Lateral wheel truing

  • Bleed hydraulic brake systems

  • Check brake housings/hoses and fittings

  • Brake lever lubrication, alignment, and securing

  • Pad installation, alignment, and centering

  • True and align brake rotors and adjust calipers


Drive Train Cleaning - $60

A thorough cleaning of your bike's drive train including the chain, front and rear derailleurs, chain rings, and rear cog set/cassette.  These parts will be removed, degreased, and inspected for wear using appropriate tools. This service is the best value in preventative maintenance when your drive train is filthy and gunked up.  Keeping your drive train clean significantly reduces additional wear on what is often considered the most critical system of components on a bike.


Frame Cleaning - $50              

Your bike is picked up, frame cleaned by degreasing it as needed and hand washing, polishing, and waxing it.  The chain is also lubricated as needed.


Suspension Service

Suspension systems that use oil for damping purposes need periodic oil changes.  Oil breaks down and becomes contaminated. Performance and durability can be improved along with the overall life of your shocks.  Manufacuture's recommendations for servicing shocks range from as little as 25 hours of riding to as much as 100 hours.  Fox Racing Shox recommends oil change after every 30 hours of riding.  In addition to changing oil, the suspension service also includes install of new seals and dust wipers.  Rear Shock Service - $50  Front Fork Service - $90


Standard Bike Build    

New in the box or customer’s shipping crate. This is when the bike comes partially assembled and shipped from the supplier or a bike shop. It is not like starting with a basic frame and building the bike by adding components, lacing wheels, etc.  Starting at $60 for BMX, cruisers, and most other single speed/fixie bikes. 


Custom Bike Build      

New build from scratch (e.g. frame and components purchased individually).  Cranksmith will work with the customer to determine and design the custom bike if desired. No charge for the initial design consultation. If you need references, we have them for you. Starting at $150 (e.g. no suspension and wheels already laced)


Repairs can often ruin your schedule and prevent you from riding!  No worries...Cranksmith can assist with getting you back on the trails, roads, track, or bike park without the added inconvenience of bike drop-off and pick-up at the shop. 


Repairs and other services including individual component adjustments and replacements, cable/housing installation, custom bike builds, and wheel lacing are listed below. Due to the high degree of variability amoung bikes, the following prices are for labor only; parts are not included unless specified. 


Before starting work, Cranksmith will thoroughly assess your bike and provide an estimate, including the cost of parts and accessories. With your acceptance and approval, we will proceed with the adjustment or repair work.



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